Selection of Comments from Visitors to Walkden Gardens

” thank-you for the delicious cakes, all the ladies enjoyed themselves, most had not visited before”  Margaret Hickling HALE WI

Margaret Hickling HALE WI

What the gardens mean to us is :
“A safe, beautiful surrounding which enables us to enrich our children’s learning journey” which is truly amazing as we are ensuring what Harry Walkden wanted the purpose of the gardens to be. A place where the community and families and enjoy and respect.anced settings.

Tracy Monaghan

Embrace Child Care

A big fat thank you from us we love spending time appreciating your hard work ❤️❤️

Sandy Howe

  • Walkden Gardens is a hidden haven
  • Picturesque, calming environment
  • Wonderfully different to watch a show outside
Louise Burgess

Waterside Arts

Duke’s Theatre -“Twelfth Night” 29 June 2023

“Absolutely brilliant production and excellent cast, thoroughly enjoyable evening. Thank you”

“Brilliant evening enjoyed every minute”

“Fantastic night, the cast were brilliant” 

“A brilliant show in the most gorgeous setting. I’m sure that Shakespeare himself would have approved “

“I enjoyed it thoroughly it’s a great venue for outdoor theatre!”

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Selection of Comments from Visitors to Walkden Gardens


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