workday 27 may 2017

About 28 volunteers turned out to help. A lot of general maintenance work was carried out but the main effort was put in to planting out the four flower beds in the monkey puzzle tree garden. We look forward to the new plants maturing and lasting many years.

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workday 29 April 2017

At this workday voluteers did a lot of tidying, weeding, cutting hedges, etc
round the Dovecote, the triangle bed and the entrance so it looks a lot
better. Click on any image to see a larger version!

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workday 25 March 2017

Volunteers clearing and replanting the area on the right as you enter the Gardens from the public car park.

Volunteers clearing the area for planting.
After planting

Workday 25 February 2017

A busy workday in the rain!

Rather belatedly, the members of the Friends Group had their photograph taken with the Green Flag for 2016/17. Rob Frier kindly gave up his place on the photo to act as photographer!

Afterwards the workers got on with the task of planting the new Skimmias around the dovecote. Many thanks to Recycle for Greater Manchester for the free compost!

Work group and Rob with Skimmia

Project 1: The Japanese Garden

Project 2: The Compass Point

Project 3: Drystone Seat

Project 4: Miss Cordingley’s Garden

Project 5: The Tranquil Garden

Project 6: The Labyrinth

Volunteer gardening workdays are held on the last Saturday of each month (except December) from 10am to 1pm. We try to have fun as well as work hard and we stop for a drink and snack 1/2 way through the morning. We all just help on the dates and times we can.